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So, ages and ages ago, I created a new neighborhood called Spectrum Valley, specifically for the purposes of starting a Rainbow Legacy, founded by the below lady, who I posted a picture of at the time and then never mentioned again. As I clearly have nothing better to do with my life than sit at my computer and click buttons all day, I have since begun playing this neighborhood again. Huzzah!

You may ask, is this a legacy or am I just picspamming for the whole neighborhood? Uh... yes.

In any case - I give you the first installment of Spectrum Yarns: Tales of a Colorful Neighborhood!

(Eh? Eh? Spectrum Yarns? Geddit? No? Neither do I. It's 3 in the morning, what do you want from me.)

We begin our tale with Lux Bïfrost, who just moved into a tiny shack in Spectrum Valley. The area is near-unpopulated so far; which, Lux hopes, will soon change. She's a woman who is fond of good company - of many sorts.

In fact, some consider her somewhat presumptuous. Here, Lux is attempting to embrace Deanna Crane, a local townie who stopped by to welcome the newcomer. Lux took an immediate shine to her, but Deanna is far more shy than she.

However, Lux soon finds a way to capture Miss Crane's interest - talking about herself. Perhaps her sentiments are returned after all.

After her visitors have departed, Lux finds her way to the local bakery, where she meets a woman named Amalia Luna. They compliment each other on having excellent taste in hairstyles, and furthermore get along very well.

The next time Lux sees Amalia, however, she has changed her style of hairdressing. At first Lux takes this as a slight to herself...

But the subject is smoothed over, and the two friends engage in some very friendly activity.

However, in no way does this seem to keep Lux from pursuing the other object of her affections, Deanna; and a good job she appears to be doing of it, too.

A very good job - perhaps too good of a job, indeed. We must assume that the lady knows what she is getting herself into, although in actual fact we cannot help but doubt this.

Lux seems, as ever, unbothered by most things, even pregnancy.

Deanna, on the other hand, takes the news somewhat more seriously. In a somewhat symbolic gestures, she abandons her childish pigtails...

And in a less symbolic gesture, she moves in with Lux.

Which is, in fact, very convenient for Lux, who is having some difficulty with money. Her 'shack' gets a much-needed expansion.

Not long after that, the child is born. She is christened Azar, and has Deanna's eyes and hair color, but Lux' freckles.

The couple agrees that Azar is a lovely child...

Although Lux seems only too happy to hand her over.

Life goes on. Azar grows into a sweet little girl, and Lux becomes pregnant once again.

She is fairly certain that it is Deanna's child, but as she is still seeing Amalia on the side, there is no way to be sure.

Fortunately, Azar seems to be shaping into a sweet, kind child...

For the most part.

Deanna, ignorant of both Lux' faithlessness and her lack of interest in her children, remains happy with her life.

The second child is born. His name is Cináed, and he has, like his sister, Deanna's eyes and hair. Thankfully, it is sure that he is her child.

Azar grows into a child not long after.

She is still attached to the toy of her youth...

Although her bedroom indicates interests outside of toys blossoming.

You may note, on the wall, a first aid guide. This originally belonged to Lux, who has a tendency for paranoia, and possesses many documents of a similar tenor. After having the importance of such an article impressed upon her by her mother, Azar stole it from Lux' room to place on her own wall. Lux is also something of a kleptomaniac, a trait which Azar seems to have inherited.

Soon enough, Cináed grows into a toddler...

And is thoroughly doted upon by the loving Deanna.

He inherits the family stuffed pumpkin-man, which he, following his mother's example, heaps affection on.

Azar, on the other hand, brushes off most of Deanna's attempts at affection. Instead, she tends to follow Lux around, vying for attention and asking questions. Lux tolerates this with good humor, for the most part, but one cannot help but wonder whether this devotion to Lux is quite healthy for the child.

Time passes, and a third child is born; to Deanna, this time.

The girl is called Shula, and has Deanna's eyes, but Lux' hair and skin shade.

One may suppose that with three children to support and a live-in girlfriend, Lux would cut back some on her extra-marital activities. Unfortunately...

One would be surprised.

Lux continues to see Amalia, as well as a man called Ken and (though only very, very briefly) a woman named Elaine. She is closest with Amalia, however, and consistently invites her over for a bit of, as it were, 'love-your-neighbor', while the children are in school and Deanna is at work.

Unfortunately for Lux, their tryst goes a little late one afternoon, and Deanna arrives home to find them, at which point she... comes to a realization.

Violence ensues.

Lux chooses to "rub it in", which, in retrospect, is probably an unwise decision.

In the midst of the wailing, violence, osculation and chaos, Cináed grows up. Luckily the poor child is fairly oblivious to what is going on around him.

Amalia exits the scene, but Lux continues to choose her actions foolishly even in her absence.

Both of them come to a deeper realization concerning their relationship...

And Lux, already of a somewhat unstable nature, takes this hard, and breaks down. Deanna, however, has little sympathy.

(You may note that somewhere in all of this Lux has lost her pants. I cannot recall how this happened, but I must suspect it was a result of another of Lux' unwise choices.)

Lux begins to hallucinate a Doctor, who looks her over carefully.

Then she contorts her face thusly, and I never sleep again.

However, this somehow makes her regain her senses.


Deanna, who is Lux' physical superior in terms of strength by far, wins the skirmish. She is ready to insist that Lux move out. However, Lux is the owner of the property...

So instead, Deanna takes her leave, taking all three children with her.

The children wonder, that night, at their new, half-finished place of residence, as well as at the woman jumping in very small bodies of water on their lawn. Perhaps they feel treated rather harshly by this woman's levity in the face of their melancholy situation - and then again, perhaps not.

The youngest child, Shula, reaches the day of her birth, and sprouts rather a lot of hair very suddenly.

Azar, as well, is on the verge of her birthday - and indeed, is showing signs of maturity... she grows into a lovely young lady, with a veritable thirst for knowledge.

What's this? Deanna appears to have recovered from her heartbreak rather quickly, and is showing quite a lot of interest in the puddle-jumping woman.

Deanna goes so far to take this woman - whose name, incidentally, is Scarlett - on a date. The evening goes remarkably well, and as unlikely as it seems after such an unfortunate series of events, Deanna feels a spark of love between them. Indeed, Scarlett seems to have a far more stable personality than the unreliable Lux, which is fortuitous, as Deanna is falling hard.

Less fortuitously, someone else has fallen hard as well - namely Azar's new
beau, Gideon.
"Hey, Gideon, want to test a hypothesis I've developed?"
"Haha, Azar. Uh... isn't this your mom's bed?"

"So? She won't find out. C'mon, it'll be fun."
We leave what follows to them alone.
(For the record, they did that completely autonomously.)

Hm. This image expresses a certain amount of truth concerning Azar's psyche, I feel.

Soon, Deanna invites Scarlett over to meet the family.
Scarlet -"Charming day it has been, Miss Azar."
Azar -"Pray don't talk to me about the weather, Miss Ford. Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else."

Deanna -"Well, I do mean something else. I mean to ask Miss Ford to marry me."
Scarlett -"OMG!"

There is a moment of awkwardness and uncertainty between the couple, but the moment their eyes met...

...they know they are to be happy together.
Azar -"Goodness, this book on the psychology behind Lesbian Bed Death* is fascinating. Also, have you heard the joke about what a lesbian brings on the second date?"
If, of course, Scarlett can stand her stepdaughter.

Shula grows into a young, somewhat unladylike, girl.

Despite her lack of femininity, her profile does appear to have great social possibilities - although perhaps she could wear her chin a little higher.†

Cináed has been letting his hair grow.

He goes to visit Lux for the first time since they moved out, and she gifts him a few items, in what is possibly a peace offering, but more likely an attempt at bribery.

Speaking of Lux - you will note the state of her household. Quite a lot less clean without Deanna there, isn't it, Lux?

Ah, I see that, in the midst of becoming a "Professional Party Guest" - which, I might add, seems ridiculously far from being a real job - Lux has once again become pregnant.

Then one night, a robber sneaks into the house.

However, Lux' paranoia pays off for once, and the police arrive promptly.

Lux hires this rather flamboyant young man to clean her house...

(And after he has cleaned up some, he remains as flamboyant. And uninterested in Lux, to her disappointment.

Well, Lux, whose child is it?
"Oh, Amalia's."
That is something of a comfort. Have you informed her of the situation?

"Hey, Amalia, wanna come over for a little you-know-what? Oh, by the way, I'm pregnant and it's yours. Cool, see you in ten!"

However, "you-know-what" is postponed for the birth.

Ah, the sweet child - called Pyrrhus. He appears to look far more like Amalia than Lux.

"Sweet, a kid! Uh, I'll... sendyouacheckorsomethingBYE!"

And with the birth of this child, we must leave you, for if any more pictures are placed upon this page, we may cause your internet-surfing device to explode. Give me your hands, if we be friends - and I bid you adieu.

*Google it. Also, Azar is intentionally being an ass.
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