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Well... Hi. It's been, uh, two years! I had a good run of it, the "not playing sims" thing, but I'm over it. I've bit the bullet, and jumped back in, head-first, with a BACC. This, as, uh, stated above, is the ~introduction~ post. Enjoy!

Welcome to Splitsville, so called because of the river that splits it in half - and because that's what all of its inhabitants were when they left their previous residences.

Mostly, I'm playing the rules as described here, with many (not all) of her adjustments, and some adjustments of my own.
As a summary of sorts: Careers are locked, non-sim-owned community lots, CAS sims, and subhoods are all earned through math!!!!!!! a combination of population expansion and number of sim-owned businesses. Everything - everything is randomized - I don't use cool online randomizers (bc I like to play in full-screen) but I do have all my DnD dice sitting next to me while I play. I play with all the hacks in, and occasionally I cheat a little on the money for my own aesthetic decorative purposes.
Some more stuff: I age babies up to toddlers immediately because babbies are boring. Certain families will have arranged marriages, as described in the link above (I'm letting my founder generation run free).
Any sim with 5 or more interest points in at least 2 of the three interests is religious: food, health, and weather. The higher the interest, the more devoted. The only currently active religion is the church of Ouroboros, which worships the Unnamed Goddess of Snakes. Their religious laws are that Saturday is a day of meditation during which no green foods shall be consumed; that those joined in matrimony must be truly of one soul (have 3 bolts); and that no devotee become a vampire, for life is a cycle which cannot be halted. Those truly devoted keep their heads partly shaved and wear black.

If I think of anything else important, I will put it here.

For reference, a streetmap of the place. If the street names seem, uh, themed, well, I guess some city planner had their mind on a particular series of books.

The Founders

Lise Gatti, Founder #1
Starting funds: $9,000
Romance: Top Cuisine Career
Libra: 2/7/5/6/5
+formal +athletic, -cleaning
interests: food, money, crime, environment
Agnostic - Gay - Weretiger
Runs the farmer's market

Christoffer Ainsley, Founder #2
Starting funds: $15,000
Popularity: Top Journalism Career
Aquarius: 4/4/4/7/6
+blond +plantsims, -hardworker
interests: culture, weather, food
Religious - Gay
Owns a club

Phineas Pinn, Founder #3
Starting funds: $17,000
Family: Have 6 Grandkids
Scorpius: 8/4/8/3/2
+cooking +logic, -mechanical
interests: sports & weather
Atheist - Straight
Owns the downtown corner market

Serenity Vitali, Founder #4
Starting funds: $26,000
Knowledge: Top Science Career
Leo: 4/9/3/4/5
+glasses + jewelry, -fitness
interests: environment & paranormal
Religious - Straight
On the Science career track

Date: 2012-03-24 03:28 am (UTC)
sixtylilies: a gentleman looking bemused at 80s power woman cycling her legs because she missed spinning class. (kick kick kick kick)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies
I got so excited when I saw your street names! And then went over every single one to see if I could identify which book it came from. (I could. 8D)


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