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This is Lise Gatti, the first of Splitsville's four initial inhabitants. She's been a wanderer for most of her life, but has finally decided to settle down.
Lise is a very romantic libra - well, I say romantic: she's a romance sim, which is not quite the same thing - with the aspiration to someday be a famous chef (full stats are here). But Splitsville has no restaurants yet, and very little clientele - so that dream may be on hold for a while. She also doesn't have much money - she started with 9,000 simoleons, and so could only afford a totally trashed adorable shack cottage. It left her just enough money to buy the necessities and start a garden.

Lise is also a weretiger. This is a fairly cosmetic state; she always has those stripes, not just during the full moon, and she doesn't disembowel people or lick herself clean (usually). She is awfully fond of fish, though.

The welcome wagon arrived, among them the cheerful Demi Gipen.

Demi and Lise were pretty into each other.

Also walking past was Susie Seymour. Like the city Splitsville takes many of its street names from, Splitsville is a... multicultural town, as much as a town with a population of 1 can be multicultural. Susie may look like your average elf of Tolkien lore (plus ringlets and a bow), but as any resident of Splitsville will tell you, elves aren't real. Susie is the part-human child of a woodland spirit. Obviously.

Such high birth does not keep Susie free from Lise's charms, though.

In fact, Susie was so charmed that she accepted the invitation to come in for a cup of coffee. in the moonlight. Well, Lise's weretiger state is not entirely without its effects, clearly.

Lise is not a one-woman... woman.

Uh, the bathroom is not a very romantic setting, guys. What exactly happened?

Lise: I asked Demi to move in.

...oh. Cool, cool.

Demi: Wow, Lise, this fish is really delic-

Lise: It's... so shiny.

Hey, babe. I can see why Lise is so into you.

Susie: Right back at you.

...I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

While Lise and company got their polyamorous groove on, Cristoffer Ainsley was just getting settled in. He likes to go by Cris, because Cristoffer sounds pretentious, but I tend to call him Ainsley, because I'm a pretentious person. And because I keep forgetting his first name.
He moved here from the big city, where he'd grown up. He enjoys city life, but he was feeling cynical about it, so he came to... this empty wasteland. Well, it's a change.
Ainsley is an aquarius, and a major people-person (as above, full stats here. He is, as far as I'm aware, fully human. His aspiration in life is to be a famous journalist, but there's no newspaper in Splitsville, and no one to write about! In the meantime, he's thinking of starting a business.

Ainsley started with a larger budget than Lise - 15,000 simoleons - so he could afford a nicer townhouse. (His is the only maxis-made house I've used so far, actually - I got lazy, and hey, it's not that bad of a place.) He still didn't have much left over, though, so he had to take out a mortgage to buy this place: Splitsville's first business, a... "club".

Uh, Ainsley? Traditionally, clubs, are, you know... buildings.

Ainsley: Man, stop calling me that. And I couldn't afford a building without being in debt until I died. I'll work up to the building, once I've made some money.

Oh, of course. I'm sure that'll work out just fine. That blond guy looks really eager to pay $5 for access to your lawn.

Ainsley, who is that?

Ainsley: Nooo idea. But he's cute!

...Thank you, ACR. Ainsley showed no interest in pursuing random guy #4, though.

However, he did show interest in this guy, called Kent. Or at least...

...enough interest to give him a quick booty call.

Also enough interest to accompany him in a welcome wagon to our third founder, Phineas Pinn.

This is Phineas. He's awfully pretty, but, uh - he's a scorpio family sim (full stats - oh, you know) and one of his turn-ons is logic. He's sort of a jerk. Er, no offense, Phineas.

Phineas: Your rambling has no effect on me; it's obvious you're an overemotional low-life. I'm surprised you're capable of stringing sentences together.

Well, thanks. Anyway, he moved here from the city, too, but he was looking for something a little less cosmopolitan. His aspiration is to have 6 grandkids, so he'd better get a start on that family thing.

Phineas went over to Ainsley's "club" in the hope of finding a suitable mate someone who can stand him, and surprisingly, he managed it. Meet Trixie Pierce, who is either attracted to guys with emotional repression issues, or is too naïve to notice.

...I'm hoping it's the former, for her sake.

The next day, Phineas invited Trixie over for a little bit of love-your-neighbor, but since he's Phineas, he had to have a serious discussion before they did the deed.

Phineas: Trixie, you have to know, this isn't a one-time thing for me. I'm serious about you. This is a commitment.

Trixie: Given how often you bring up marriage in conversation, yeah, I kind of figured.

Phineas: Good. We're on the same page, then.

Trixie: *is starting to wonder what she's getting into*

And so, the next day, Phineas proposed, and Trixie... said yes!

Phineas: Great! Let's get married right now!

Trixie: Haha... wait, really? Now? No... party, or...

Phineas: Why would we want a party?

Trixie: ...Thaat's kind of weird, but I'm chill!

Trixie after a makeover. She's a knowledge sim, with the aspiration to max all skills. Which is good, because I get the feeling she'll be spending a lot of time at home...

Meanwhile, another knowledge sim was moving into the neighborhood. This is Serenity Vitali, the fourth and final founder of Splitsville. (full stats)

She started with 26,000 simoleons, which is the most of any of the founders, so she got to buy a nice cozy beach lot, which is fitting - Serenity may be a knowledge sim, but she's a very hippy-dippy spiritual person, and feels a deep connection with the ocean, as well as trees, stars, sunflowers and dolphins. Also sandcastles. She loves sandcastles.

Serenity: I am one with the sand.

Anyway, her aspiration is to be top of the science career, which is a little more achievable than the others, since it's open to any sim who maxes their logic skill solely through use of the telescope. That means she probably won't open up a business, at least for a while, unlike the other founders.

Kent was in Serenity's welcome wagon, and I finally noticed that he had alien eyes - I hadn't spotted it before! Maybe that's why he hit it off with Serenity so well - I don't have any pictures of it, but he became Serenity's booty call number real fast. Which is sort of funny, since I realized that he's a family sim. Guy sure is scoring a lot of tail for a family sim.

Getting a start on that logic skill - naked. >__> I have far less pictures of it than I thought I did, but "Sims Doing Things Naked (Which Aren't Typically Done Naked, Like Gardening, Or Digging, Or Cooking, Or Fishing)" could be an alternate title to this bacc, I stg.

Serenity: Wait, what's that?



Hahahahaha. Hahha.


Er... actually, I'm not sure if her being naked while this happens should make this more funny, or...

But she was returned safely (if not entirely uneffected), and she rolled the want to meet the aliens five times, so I guess she was cool with whatever went down up there.

In between abductions, Serenity relaxes on the beach. ...So, Serenity, looking forward to that alien baby?

Serenity: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my calm and serene breathing pattern.

Serenity: AHHHGHHHH oh gOD WHaT'S hAPPENING TO MEeeE???????

...did you not realize you were pregnant, or...?

Serenity: It's green.

Yes, that's how aliens tend to work.

Serenity: It's tiny!

...yes, that's how babies tend to work.

And since I always age up my babies immediately, meet Meridian Vitali, everyone, the first child born in Splitsville. Awwww.

And that's as good a stopping place as any. I'm, like, 2 rotations ahead, so there'll be another post soon-ish. Ta!

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That club is the finest sim club I have ever seen. (No, really. That is awesome. XD)


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