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FYI: I added some info to the intro post. It's not really relevant to anything this week, so I'll point at it again when it is, but just so you know.

So, here's the thing. I was not exactly great at taking photos during this round. Especially at Lise's house. Lots of things happened! Demi got pregnant, Lise started a small farmer's market selling her produce, there was a lot of fishing... all these things happened. They did, I swear. It's just, what I actually have photos of is, er...




Anyway, I did manage to get photos of a few other things, mostly the kid Demi had. Meet Evpraksiya, hereafter referred to as Evie, Demi and Lise's daughter.

And, er, here she is at the end of the week, grown up!

These photos are mostly to show that the Gatti household is officially out of room; Evvie ended up sleeping in the kitchen/dining area. I'm not allowing my sims to build onto their houses much; if they run out of room, they have to move out and buy a larger house. Lise needs more space for her farming, anyway.

However, that was the end of their rotation, so the new house will have to wait until next week!

Meanwhile, at Ainsley's house: naked digging.

Ainsley has started selling things he's dug up from his lawn, like rocks, at his other lawn nightclub. Given the apparent straight-up stupidity of this endeavor, he's actually... doing quite well with it.

Ainsley: It's a magic rock, you see!


While out selling rocks, Ainsley met Kieren Prout. His relationship with Kent hasn't really been going anywhere, so I let him call Kieren up for a date.

It went pretty well, blah blah blah soulmates blah blah.

Normally I make my sims wait a little longer than this, but they were both rolling the want to get engaged, so... why not?

And actually, this was probably their second date or something. Like I said, terrible photo-taking skills. That's the end of Ainsley's rotation.

Meanwhile, over at the Pinn's house, Phineas' pregnant wife had just collapsed. Uh, you don't look too concerned about that, Phineas.

Phineas: Oh, she'll sleep it off. Now be quiet, I'm writing down my musings on the teachings of Aristotle.

Trixie was okay, in the end, and had Edward.

Aww. Phineas does have his nice moments, after all.

...I just wish he would have more of those moments when he's dealing with customers at the corner store he bought.

Phineas: Look. Your hair is just stupid. It's terrible. I hate it. It burns my retinas to look at you.

Townie: Hey, man, that's just uncalled for!

Townie: No one disses my hair. It is goddamn fabulous.

Townie: Hey, you don't even have wallpaper in here! This place sucks!

Phineas: Oh, is that so?

Phineas: Well, maybe I'll paper the walls with you, punk!
Townie: *becomes wallpaper*

Great job, Phineas. Excellent sales strategy. Threatening your customers really increases their loyalty.

Oh, good, that'll fix it. Congratuwelldone. *sigh*

Well, since Phineas is so horrifically bad as a shop-owner, let's get back to his less horrific parenting skills, aka toddlerspam.


Edward: *is a kid now*

After the make-over!

Quick note here: Partly because I want to use Aquilegia's awesome androgyny meshes, and partly because everything is randomized, I roll for whether or not my sims stick to the gender binary. I roll a d6, and a 3 means they will be non-binary/genderbending/what have you. Edward was my first sim to roll a 3! So I'll be using the pronouns ey/em/eir for em, and probably other sims in the future.

I thought about changing eir name, but Edward/Ed works as a neutral name. I mean, come on, Edward.

Edward is the kind of kid who cleans the bathtub without being told to.

I, uh, may have forgotten to mention this, but Trixie got pregnant again.

Trixie: *is totally pregnant again*

New kid! Ezra. Not named for the spawn of Satan. Aaand that's the end of the Pinn's rotation.

Over at the Vitali's house, Serenity is doing a great job at parenting... naked.

Serenity: Mommy is awesome! Can you say Mommy? Say Mommy!

Meridian: Mommy should consider underwear.

Meridian: Teddy. Can you put on clothes now?

Serenity: Yaaayy, you said teddy!! Yay!

Kent may have gotten dumped by Ainsley, but he's still Serenity's booty call. He snuck into Meridian's room afterwards one time to check on something.

Kent: Uh, wow. She wasn't lying when she said you definitely weren't mine, huh.

I was still not great at taking pictures, but to be fair, not much happened for Serenity this week. Girl is really talented at wasting time on the beach, and she can't start the science career track while Meridian is a toddler.

And then Meridian grew up.



And that adorableness is the end of the week. Until next time, chaps!

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Oh, that's a good idea! I've been wanting to incorporate non-binary gender more into my game but it hadn't occurred to me to just randomize it. Now I feel silly.

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