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Wow, I kind of let this die, didn't I? I hit my finals week, and then kind of lost interest in my sims game for a while. In fact, I still haven't started playing again, but I have a huge backlog of pictures, so I might as well put them up.

We'll start with Lise Gatti's household. If you'll recall, this is Susie, who is sleeping with Lise, and last we saw, was flirting with Demi, Lise's live-in girlfriend.

Now, of course, she and Demi are doing a little more than flirting.

Normally, this would be an IMPENDING DRAMA WARNING!!!, but Lise and Demi are both romance sims with 0 jealousy, and so instead, Susie moved in! So the Gatti household became the Polyamorous Lesbian Farmers household, thus cementing its place in my favorites for all eternity.

Apart from exciting sexytimes, the most frequented activity at the Gatti house is still, uh, fishing.

Phineas: No, you see, misandry is absolutely real. If I may quote Aristotle -
Demi: Get the hell off my sidewalk.

...I really should get Phineas a fedora, or something.

One benefit to Susie moving in is that it would allow everyone to, er, move out. They really needed a larger place, and I wanted a place with land for Lise to do the farming thing on. So, of course, the first order of business was a ~fishing party~.

Phineas: *douchey comment about how quaint their farm is compared to the city*
Everyone Else: *ignores him*

Unfortunately, the second order of business was, for Lise, catching on fire and dying.


Now, I am trying to be a little more ruthless with my sims, and pamper them less, and I am rolling for a chance of sudden death each week, but - this just was not on! I was not going to let my favorite founder die just as I'd given her a farm. ...So I exited without saving.

I mean, come on. How could I let this die? Ridiculous. I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, LISE. NEVER.

...maybe eventually. But not like this!

This is the farmers market that Lise started last week. They sell the fresh fish that they catch and fruits & vegetables they grow, as well as regular groceries, and Demi's paintings.
As it turns out, Susie, who is a popularity sim, is a really great salesperson. With her, Lise restocking, and Demi as the cashier, this business basically runs itself - they're doing really well. Easiest business I've ever run.

Evpraksiya: *pouts about having homework*

Meridian: *is super shy and adorable*

Meridian: i think my presence here is unwanted holy crap thank you for the food Ms. and Ms. Gatti seeyoulatergoodbye!!!!
You're cute, Meridian, but neither Demi or Susie's last name is Gatti.

Susie shares a bunk bed with Evie, who is on the top bunk. This results, amusingly, in Lise trying to tuck in her daughter and instead tucking in her girlfriend.

The house got a makeover with the money from the farmer's market! This is the living room/kitchen.

Lise's bedroom (which Demi and Susie switch out sleeping in)

Evie's room (with bunk bed for whoever's not in Lise's bed), which is a little bare-bones atm.

At the moment, it's Susie, most of the time, since Lise and Demi have a slightly more ~wifey~ relationship.

It was going to happen sooner or later! The "father" is Demi.

Susie: *patiently waits for Demi to stop painting so they can make out*
Demi: *keeps painting, oblivious*

Demi keeps rolling wants to get with a third person, as is her wont as a romance sim, and she hadn't had much luck meeting anyone at the market, so I went ahead and tried the Gypsy.

...but no luck. Serenity is straight, lady. Come on.

Evie grew up! She's got gigantic eyes, and a slightly odd combination of Lise and Demi's noses, but I think she's pretty gorgeous. She randomized gay, and she is a Knowledge sim with the LTW of being a teacher.

In the middle of Evie's birthday party, this happened:

Everyone: *is shocked*
Trixie: my kids get good graaaaades


Actually, it was twins: Demi's handing the first one back to Susie, here.

Meet Jacek...

And his brother, Dmitri! (who is slightly cuter.)

That's all for the Gatti household, so here's Demi looking super pretty.

Last time at Ainsley's place, he'd gotten engaged to Keiren here, and so now they are having a wedding party.
...great wedding outfit, Kieren.

Serenity: *is really enjoying those chips*

Wha- buh- Ainsley, did you just woohoo with that dude who is not your husband?? And if so, why do you both look so sad?

I think this, whatever this was, got Ainsley a "cheating" memory, but I'm not sure what... actually happened.

Now that Kieren's moved in, he's been made over. He cleans up pretty well! He's a fortune sim, and in the Business career track, which is allowed since Lise's farmer's market reached rank 5.

Meanwhile, Ainsley is pregnant, and therefore spends most of his time meditating.

Keiren is pretty diligent about the money trees.

Ainsley: Augugh baby happeninggg
Keiren: Is that a wine stain on the floor? I think it is! This floor is hardwood, damn it!

Baby and Kieren: *are enthused to be related to a Popularity sim*

aghuhglkj you are SO CYOOT
*ahem* her name is Ciara :)

I haven't yet remodeled the place, so the crib gets to be in the bedroom.

Kieren heads off to work.

what a great name how do i make you marriageable i want your name

awww she's so cute when she's upset
and also the rest of the time~

That's the end of Ainsley's pictures. Wow, I took a lot more pictures this round. I think I am going to separate this week into two parts, since there are so many. The 2nd part should be up in a couple of days!
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