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It took me a little longer than I planned... but here's

Okay, ignore that house in the picture for a little bit, I'll explain about it later.

We begin at the Pinn household, where Phineas is having a personal crisis.

Just when he starting being less of a dick to his customers, the reviewer came by and gave him a bad review just because there wasn't any wallpaper.

Jeez, lady, cut us a break! Do you see those green plusses?? Do you know how big of a step forward that is??!! COME ON!

well-dressed townies flirting woop woop

(also wallpaper)

oh god, it's been so long since I've played them, I can't tell which kid this is. wait no it's Edward!

it is Edward right

(it is)

I know it's Edward, because ey's the oldest, and Ezra here is still a toddler. ...I can't tell if his parents are doing it under there or if they're just sleeping very lumpily.

Trixie is sleeping on the wrong side of the bed for some reason, the nightstand with all the books and knitting is hers.

a rare photo of Phineas not being a dick~

Trixie invited the headmaster over because she's got to get some satisfaction out of life somewhere

abort abort, the headmaster is a red-eyed demon, abort

in which Phineas and Trixie manage to be an affectionate couple

pictured: the rest of the time, in which Trixie is really smart and Phineas ignores her

Their back to back journalling is pretty cute, though.

BREAKING NEWS: Edward Pinn deemed more adorable than ever in uniform, school uniform designer refuses accolades, insisting "Ey is just a very charming child"

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Trixie is much better than Phineas at running a business

and also at everything else

She does flirt with half of the male customers but you know what

I'm gonna let her have that

Occasionally Phineas deems to pay attention to his children.

Unfortunately, half of the time it's to lecture them.

pictured: Phineas ignoring his son's birthday

Ezra all grown up!

Ezra: Hey dad, did you hear about how Adele won all those Grammys? She's amazing!

Phineas: Son, anyone who wins Grammys is a giant sell out. We only listen to musicians with integrity in this household! Also Coldplay.
Ezra: B-but Rolling In the Deep is such a good-
Phineas: NO

how 2 be a gr8 parent: a guide by ~phineas pinn~

Phineas is a slight germaphobe, which is why there's all the vaccination posters in his house, and he likes to inflict his opinions on other people, which is why there's one in his shop.

i really just liked the look on this guy's face

Trixie is pregnant again, therefore: meditation.

Edward reads the newspaper every day when ey gets home from school. have i mentioned ey is adorable

Trixie has reached a state of enlightenment, in that she is now light enough to float??

wow Phineas is doing something useful holy crap

bloop bloop pregnant sim

Phineas: Hm, that's on fire.

Phineas: ...I'll just let Trixie clean that up.

The house did not burn down, and Trixie had Ethan! aww freckly.

And that's all for the Pinns this update!

meanwhile at Serenity's house, Lise has stopped by for some yelling practice

(okay Serenity keeps spying on their house with her telescope even tho her telescope is facing away from their house?? do you know how to geography sims)

Meridian paints pictures and is generally pretty cool

I'm not sure why Kent still stays with Serenity, he's a family sim and I'm pretty sure Serenity is never gonna marry him

Meridian grew up gorgeous *__*

After a little make-over.

Meridian being gorgeous at Phineas' corner store

Meridian being gorgeous while painting

Meridian being gorgeous while making a sandcastle

Meridian being gorgeous while Serenity gets abducted by aliens

Meridian being gorgeous while putting out a kitchen fire

Meridian's bedroom! She is an artsy space-obsessed nerdy hipster child. But at least she has a reason to be space-obsessed.

Meridian rolled romance and is bisexual, but while she and Evvie are good friends, they have no bolts. No first kiss to be found here! ~les-be-friends, not lesbians~

...which is the end of what I have from Serenity's house for this week! Because when she's not being abducted, Serenity is super boring! :D

However, it is not the end of the update. I racked up enough points to earn some CAS sims, and so we have two new households to check in on! All the new sims were randomized to the same degree that my original founders were.

First we have the Vörös siblings, whose house serves as the title card for this update. This is Needle. She's a fortune sim with the LTW to have 5 Level-5 Businesses.

This is her brother, Thread, who is a knowledge sim with the LTW of maxing all skills.

The Vörös siblings are my first actively religious sims; Thread is a religious scholar and priest, and Needle basically helps him evangelize. Eventually, Thread will found a temple of Ouroborous in the neighborhood, but for now, they've opened a small shop to sell their holy items and spread the word. Here's some info on how I am handling religion (from the main info post):

Any sim with 5 or more interest points in at least 2 of the three interests is religious: food, health, and weather. The higher the interest, the more devoted. The only currently active religion is the church of Ouroboros, which worships the Unnamed Goddess of Snakes. Their religious laws are that Saturday is a day of meditation during which no green foods shall be consumed; that those joined in matrimony must be truly of one soul (have 3 bolts); and that no devotee become a vampire, for life is a cycle which cannot be halted. Those truly devoted keep their heads partly shaved and wear black.

If this seems super over-complicated and impractical, it's because I really like over-complicated and impractical things. I may or may not eventually have a bunch of random religions, because I enjoy making up fake religions and putting arbitrary limits on my sims.

The evangelizing begins!

Certain customers are less than convinced.

Some are pretty open to the idea!

Others are extremely enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Thread calls up a guy he hit it off with at the shop.

The guy's name is Shaun, and he is super into Thread.

Like, really into him.

Needle's guy from the shop is also really into her. I don't remember his name at the moment.

...clearly, there is nothing in the Church of Ouroboros about gettin' it on before marriage. sex-positive religions yeeaahhh *puts on sunglasses*

On to our third and final new resident of Splitsville! Also, my favorite! This is Glance Carter. Ze's a plant-loving fortune sim who wants to be a lawyer.

Ze really only leaves the house to go to work, and spends a lot of time chatting online.

Zir house is sort of adorable, though, so who can blame zir.

Ze started off with quite a bit of money (I don't remember how much, but it was more than Thread and Needle did) and so ze bought a florist's shop.

Kent: No, no, I don't think I need -
Glance: Sure you do! Plants are nice. Give me your money.

Glance: I'd suggest a Japanese peace lily. Keeps the air fresh, good for hitting people over the head with...

All my townies ever do is flirt with each other, stg.

Aw, Glance kind of has a crush on one of those flirting sims :(

Ze didn't let that stop zir, though. Ze invited the townie over and, er, greeted her half-naked, which is a bold move if nothing else?

Apparently it paid off. hooraaaay ppl gettin laid

hm yes one simoleon sign i see yes this relationship may not work out.

ohhh shiii-

Glance: Hm hm midnight cereal la la la - hey!!

Glance: Aaaugh what do I do she's tAKING MY CHAIRS


She even took Glance's pretend Japanese peace lily *sniff*

The fact that you get a "met sim" memory for robberies amuses the heck out of me.

*angry dish-scrubbing*

And that's all for this week. My commentary this week was, uh, less then inspired - some might say downright ridiculous - but I hope it is enjoyable anyway. buh-bye!

p.s. the icon is relevant bc it's really hot here right now. okay.
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