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2013-03-11 06:53 pm
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Splitsville: Week 4 Part 2 -- Addendum!!

Somehow I missed out a few pictures in the last update, oops! They're from Ainsley's house.

Ciara's room and such )
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2013-03-06 05:47 pm
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2012-07-29 12:48 am
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2012-07-22 09:14 pm

Splitsville: Week Three (part 2)

It took me a little longer than I planned... but here's
Splitsville: Week Three, part 2 - contains flagrant godliness )
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2012-06-30 12:28 pm

Splitsville: Week Three (part 1)

Wow, I kind of let this die, didn't I? I hit my finals week, and then kind of lost interest in my sims game for a while. In fact, I still haven't started playing again, but I have a huge backlog of pictures, so I might as well put them up.

Splitsville: Week Three, part 1 - contains flagrant ungodliness )
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2012-04-07 03:43 pm
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2012-03-23 11:41 am

Splitsville: An Introduction

Well... Hi. It's been, uh, two years! I had a good run of it, the "not playing sims" thing, but I'm over it. I've bit the bullet, and jumped back in, head-first, with a BACC. This, as, uh, stated above, is the ~introduction~ post. Enjoy!

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2010-07-16 03:47 pm
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Spectrum Valley, Gen. 1.1

So, ages and ages ago, I created a new neighborhood called Spectrum Valley, specifically for the purposes of starting a Rainbow Legacy, founded by the below lady, who I posted a picture of at the time and then never mentioned again. As I clearly have nothing better to do with my life than sit at my computer and click buttons all day, I have since begun playing this neighborhood again. Huzzah!

You may ask, is this a legacy or am I just picspamming for the whole neighborhood? Uh... yes.

In any case - I give you the first installment of Spectrum Yarns: Tales of a Colorful Neighborhood!

70 pictures and Victorian Sensibilities (but not Activities) under the cut! )
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2010-07-15 11:13 pm
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Sims 2 was invented by the Russians

Y hullo, i did not see u thar, dreamwidth. *waves* Now that I've gotten around to moving my sims posts to my braaand new Dreamwidth account, I'm gonna put all my sims 2 related stuff up here. BE IT KNOWN.

So, to begin with: A sim rendition of Anton Yelchin, actor in Charlie Bartlett and Star Trek 2009 and all-around adorableface.

CC list and Download link under the cut )
By the by, as stated in the previous post up here, my attention span is like unto that of a goldfish! By which I mean I have moved on to being fascinated by a different legacy - indeed, a different neighborhood altogether - since that last was posted! I still have that legacy backed up, though, so you never know, I might pull it out sometime. Anyway, my point is, if you wanna see how the kids turned out, I uploaded a buncha pictures to my photobucket account that you can look through, here and here. Be interested at your leisure.
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2009-04-22 06:01 pm
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2009-03-09 11:42 pm
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2009-02-18 06:03 pm
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Poisson Legacy, Chap. 1

Here is that Sims 2 Legacy I keep talking about. If you don't play sims, you probably won't be interested. I suppose I should get a separate LJ account for this like everyone and their mom does but it seems kind of pointless. It's mostly for the purpose of getting it out of my system, anyway.

Approx. 60 images under cut. )