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Y hullo, i did not see u thar, dreamwidth. *waves* Now that I've gotten around to moving my sims posts to my braaand new Dreamwidth account, I'm gonna put all my sims 2 related stuff up here. BE IT KNOWN.

So, to begin with: A sim rendition of Anton Yelchin, actor in Charlie Bartlett and Star Trek 2009 and all-around adorableface.

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By the by, as stated in the previous post up here, my attention span is like unto that of a goldfish! By which I mean I have moved on to being fascinated by a different legacy - indeed, a different neighborhood altogether - since that last was posted! I still have that legacy backed up, though, so you never know, I might pull it out sometime. Anyway, my point is, if you wanna see how the kids turned out, I uploaded a buncha pictures to my photobucket account that you can look through, here and here. Be interested at your leisure.
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Here is that Sims 2 Legacy I keep talking about. If you don't play sims, you probably won't be interested. I suppose I should get a separate LJ account for this like everyone and their mom does but it seems kind of pointless. It's mostly for the purpose of getting it out of my system, anyway.

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