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Somehow I missed out a few pictures in the last update, oops! They're from Ainsley's house.

Ciara's room and such )
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It took me a little longer than I planned... but here's
Splitsville: Week Three, part 2 - contains flagrant godliness )
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Wow, I kind of let this die, didn't I? I hit my finals week, and then kind of lost interest in my sims game for a while. In fact, I still haven't started playing again, but I have a huge backlog of pictures, so I might as well put them up.

Splitsville: Week Three, part 1 - contains flagrant ungodliness )
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Splitsville: Week Two )
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Well... Hi. It's been, uh, two years! I had a good run of it, the "not playing sims" thing, but I'm over it. I've bit the bullet, and jumped back in, head-first, with a BACC. This, as, uh, stated above, is the ~introduction~ post. Enjoy!

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So, ages and ages ago, I created a new neighborhood called Spectrum Valley, specifically for the purposes of starting a Rainbow Legacy, founded by the below lady, who I posted a picture of at the time and then never mentioned again. As I clearly have nothing better to do with my life than sit at my computer and click buttons all day, I have since begun playing this neighborhood again. Huzzah!

You may ask, is this a legacy or am I just picspamming for the whole neighborhood? Uh... yes.

In any case - I give you the first installment of Spectrum Yarns: Tales of a Colorful Neighborhood!

70 pictures and Victorian Sensibilities (but not Activities) under the cut! )


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